Running Video and Film Projects

Listing here information about running projects. If you have any nice idea’s I could do, send me an mail or post it in the guestbook.


China Liyang Video’s

Verschillende video’s met stukjes over het project in liyang, een samenvatting video en leuke andere clips.

Gopro Actioncam only Video’s

I am filming a lot like when I have been cycling or so. Mostly they are easy and fast but still fun movie’s.

A trip to Norway – From Glaciers to the Sea

Filmed while I was on a holiday with my parents and little brother, I decided now to make a small documentairy with the stuff I filmed then with my camera. I wil keep you updated and wil post the video when it is ready.


Action, Story Short Movie

I am writing a script at this moment for a short movie. I can’t tell you much about it yet, because I just started. If sombody having nice ideas, send me a message. The base for the script is a journey and some things happen at that journey